MOISTURIZING CREAM – complex facial moisturizer

Cream to light and quickly absorbed, revitalizes the skin, making it radiant. With protective antioxidant vitamin C, Solar Filter, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E. It also contains Soy Isoflavones and a hydrating complex based on Red Algae that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and have an effect on the prevention of the appearance of wrinkles. Also suitable for combination skin.



donna anni 30+



30 + years

The use of active principles of vegetable origin appropriately selected with the aid of a cutting edge cosmetic technology and the preparation of highly specialized pharmacists is the basis of the proposed program by Sapò , act on the skin to perform a functional dermocosmetic treatment . The preparations of phytocosmetic Sapò represent a synthesis of ancient knowledge made ​​according to the latest standards and techniques , but always with an eye to the past, with the respect of the ancient knowledge and love of tradition . Allows you to rediscover and preserve the beauty of simple, but essential , able to stand the test of time, which is derived from a skin well taken care of and in good health. Particular attention to the details , so we opted for the new Airless bottles . Due to their method of operation ” airless ” deliver the desired amount of product to the complete emptying of the bottle. Avoiding waste and contamination by external agents so as to maintain the effectiveness and integrity of the product .


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