The respect is the ethical foundation of my philosophy, which is based on a sincere belief: respect nature and your own body means first of all to respect the human being.

Respect in our case means not only pay attention to the ingredients and components, but also take care of our environment, taking into account the effects of human activity on the ecosystem.

This belief guides my search for the best for those who, like me, loves nature as if stessa.Ecco because I have devised a system of guarantees that speaks clearly to say a simple truth:
respect is first and foremost a healthy concept, which leads to doing things well.

Pharmacist Cosmetologist


The well-being is recognized on the skin because it is a quality genuine immediate
that is palpable , involves all the senses and intrigue , satisfy , charging.

Wellness is a mix of flavors and pleasures, a feeling of life
that suspends time and predisposes to good humor.

Sapò cultivates a secret of his being: the secret of getting things done well,
with care, passion , according to tradition and natural way.

And ‘ they created a line of creations , hand-made , dedicated to the welfare
and the pleasure of loving in all actions involving the care of yourself .
Small daily gestures that pamper and satisfy , returning to the body
the physical form and image of the light of relaxation and beauty.

Sapò pays particular attention to components and basic ingredients
of his creations , all dedicated to the welfare and all animated
the search for the best in accordance with the new boundaries of quality .
A search that involves all five senses.

Sapò conceives well-being , not as a flash in the pan ,
but as a physical or mental condition that lasts over time because they live in harmony
with the delicate balance of nature.

Love for the welfare of the body, therefore,
but also a love of nature and tradition.
Sapò love nature, by its very nature.