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Hello girls, I’m here to tell you about the line Sapò Enjoy, organic cosmetics company that produces handmade, all their products are in fact made by hand using vegetable raw materials.
Sapò cultivates a secret of his being: the secret of getting things done right, with care, with passion, according to tradition and natural way.
All products are made with plant derived and biodegradable ingredients, are not tested on animals, as they have respect for all life forms. Do not use SLS and surfactants or chemical derivatives that are harmful to the skin, and using recyclable packaging in complete harmony.
“Sapò conceives well-being, not as a flash in the pan, but as a physical or mental condition that lasts over time because they live in harmony with the delicate balance of nature. Caring for the welfare of the body then, but also a love of nature and tradition. Sapò love nature, by its very nature. ”
I had the pleasure of trying two referees for their products which have given me a lot of curiosity, is the first time that I get to try a product from the unique fragrance and irresistible Pomegranate.

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