Venetian entire Italian company that for decades working according passion, heart, respect and ability made in Italy today he decides to make himself known to the general public national Sapò years now manufactures its products in full respect of nature and animals, still believes in the Italian market and in ” holding-Italy ‘is perfectly integrated in the provisions for Community.
Using raw materials derived from plants, non-polluting and biodegradable ingredients, oils, extracts and fresh fruit from organic farming. All packaged in recycled and recyclable packaging essential – with themes that echo the colors of the earth and the neutral nature – to limit and counteract the phenomenon of environmental impact is limited the use of boxes and each box is inflaconata and closed by hand . The bags, model “Havana bag of bread” are handcrafted from the same suppliers in the food industry.

And finally, the soaps for massage have the rope made of pure hemp and plugs of the creams are made of wood.

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