On June 27, Verona Sapo ‘and his AD Dario Borin participated in the second edition of Future Factory dedicated to the North East of Italy addressed to all players in the market manufacturing and wanted to compare ideas, recount examples of excellence and propose concrete solutions to, as the subtitle of the project, the manufacturing company of tomorrow, especially for manufacturers of Triveneto.

The event was occurred a hundred people, mostly entrepreneurs and managers of companies belonging to the line of Italian manufacturing sector, with a redemption of members present and slightly less than 50% (48.7%).

The size of the company represented by most visitors present is the average manufacturing company manufacturing fabric italiano.I opinions expressed by the participants who completed the feedback questionnaire, tell of a positive experience both in terms of organization and content of the reports and proposals of the level of the speakers.

The day saw indeed the exposure of 17 operations, all in a single plenary session, for a total of 19 speakers including academics, users and representatives of companies in the supply market.

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