Sapo & Alex Del Piero


The sport is health. In our country, the Sport with a capital letter is football. And just like Alessandro Del Piero were able to produce and to export in quantity and quality that is out of the ordinary.
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Fabbrica Futuro


On June 27, Verona Sapo ‘and his AD Dario Borin participated in the second edition of Future Factory dedicated to the North East of Italy addressed to all players in the market manufacturing and wanted to compare ideas, recount examples of excellence and propose concrete solutions to, as the subtitle of the project, the manufacturing company of tomorrow, especially for manufacturers of Triveneto.

The event was occurred a hundred people, mostly entrepreneurs and managers of companies belonging to the line of Italian manufacturing sector, with a redemption of members present and slightly less than 50% (48.7%).

The size of the company represented by most visitors present is the average manufacturing company manufacturing fabric italiano.I opinions expressed by the participants who completed the feedback questionnaire, tell of a positive experience both in terms of organization and content of the reports and proposals of the level of the speakers.

The day saw indeed the exposure of 17 operations, all in a single plenary session, for a total of 19 speakers including academics, users and representatives of companies in the supply market.

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Sapo’ partner del Sydney F.C.


SAPO ‘stato uno dei Silver Sponsor negli spogliatoi dell’estate Tours europee Sydney FC, fornendo la squadra australiana che gioca (la bandiera storica Juventina) lo storico capitano della Juventus Alessandro Del Piero, i prodotti (rinfrescare e ringiovanire) e rilassante profumata docce dopo una allenamenti duri e partite amichevoli in vista della nuova stagione del Campionato.
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Cosmetics – Packaging essential, recycled and recyclable


Venetian entire Italian company that for decades working according passion, heart, respect and ability made in Italy today he decides to make himself known to the general public national Sapò years now manufactures its products in full respect of nature and animals, still believes in the Italian market and in ” holding-Italy ‘is perfectly integrated in the provisions for Community.
Using raw materials derived from plants, non-polluting and biodegradable ingredients, oils, extracts and fresh fruit from organic farming. All packaged in recycled and recyclable packaging essential – with themes that echo the colors of the earth and the neutral nature – to limit and counteract the phenomenon of environmental impact is limited the use of boxes and each box is inflaconata and closed by hand . The bags, model “Havana bag of bread” are handcrafted from the same suppliers in the food industry.

And finally, the soaps for massage have the rope made of pure hemp and plugs of the creams are made of wood.

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My Love Cosmetics


From the Blogs My Love Cosmetics blog feminine, Cosmetics, Fashion, Luxury, culinary arts and much more …

Hello girls, I’m here to tell you about the line Sapò Enjoy, organic cosmetics company that produces handmade, all their products are in fact made by hand using vegetable raw materials.
Sapò cultivates a secret of his being: the secret of getting things done right, with care, with passion, according to tradition and natural way.
All products are made with plant derived and biodegradable ingredients, are not tested on animals, as they have respect for all life forms. Do not use SLS and surfactants or chemical derivatives that are harmful to the skin, and using recyclable packaging in complete harmony.
“Sapò conceives well-being, not as a flash in the pan, but as a physical or mental condition that lasts over time because they live in harmony with the delicate balance of nature. Caring for the welfare of the body then, but also a love of nature and tradition. Sapò love nature, by its very nature. ”
I had the pleasure of trying two referees for their products which have given me a lot of curiosity, is the first time that I get to try a product from the unique fragrance and irresistible Pomegranate.

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Wilma Make up


From Blog Make Up Wilma
“ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS” Sapo ‘has a NEW LOOK and NEW COLLECTION creations to be discovered … A real PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE, you can try a few simple daily actions; Protecting the health and beauty natural skin is the goal of cosmetic laboratory Sapo. ‘For this line was born ENJOY created with great care and great ingredients. NICKEL TESTED and TESTED DERMATOGICALLY ….. iN ADDITION TO THE WARRANTIES OF FOREVER “. Enjoy Collection is divided into two lines: POMEGRANATE AND FLOWERS OF WATER.
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Bio Mind body soul


June 2013 by the magazine

BIO Corpo Anima Mente


From the site – Woman is beautiful.
Sapò, handmade organic cosmetics company, a manufacturer of cosmetics made ​​by hand from raw materials derived from vegetable products, has launched a line fragrant pomegranate, covered, along with the line to water flowers in the Enjoy Collection.

The line includes Body Wash, Body Lotion, Body Scrub, Hand Cream, Nail polish remover.

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ESTETISPA – 29/04/2013

Estetispa: Cosmetic Product ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS


Sapo ‘, the whole line of cosmetic products made ​​in Italy, and one has a NEW LOOK NEW COLLECTION creations to be discovered …
A real PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE, you can try a few simple daily actions; Protect the natural beauty and health of the skin is the goal of cosmetic laboratory Sapo ‘.
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