Our products are not tested on animals because we believe that life should be respected in all its forms, but are clinically tested. Dermatologically Tested - Nickel Tested


All our products are made ​​by hand, in small batches. We use raw materials derived from plants, so the color may vary slightly without altering the properties and the quality of the formulations.


We chose not to use chemical surfactants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), parabens, ethoxylates and derivatives from the Oil, potentially irritating to the skin and harmful to the environment.


We use biodegradable ingredients and non-polluting. We employ oils, extracts and fresh fruit from organic farming.


We use recycled and recyclable packaging essential to limit and combat environmental pollution.


The creations Sapò, are entirely made in Italy in our Laboratory Cosmetics, which has decades of experience of pharmacists who specialize in Phytocosmetics and science of Medicinal Plants.